Prayer is the catalyst and the fore-runner of

every great revival!

 We have seen a phenomenal growth in the church and more freedom in each of the ministries since the Intercessory Prayer Team began to meet over 14 years ago.  Pastor Larry says the Intercessory Prayer Team is the "wheel that turns the wheel."


It is the goal of the Intercessory Prayer Team to intercede and see that the prayers of the intercessors cause all the other ministries to succeed.

Intercessory Prayer is on Wednesday night at 5:45 pm - 6:45 pm at the church.  Everyone is welcome to attend.







My Children... the apple of my eye;


Lift your faces toward the Son and grow.


Pluck up at the root; all doubt your enemy will sow.




In the light, mysteries revealed; walking in the Spirit


Truths - evil cannot comprehend,


for they've not the ears to hear it.




Don't be self-consumed;


be mindful of the broken;


for in you lives the power to destory the plans


of those who seek men's souls to devour.




Humility will raise you up,


as pride will throw down.


Be teachable, submissive to authority;


overcome and wear a crown.




Yield not to the sword of judgement,


it comes back - for judgement's swift.


Abide in the Kingdom where there is righteousness,


joy and peace...




that heals the breach's rift.






By: Jennifer D. Sanges


Used by permission