We want the world to feel loved and welcomed so they desire to become a Christian.  We envision a church with family love and atmosphere where each person can be themselves and reach others like they are.  Never is there room for a spirit of the Pharisees that judges or condemns another ministry because it is different from our own.  We are family that supports each other's differences, which makes us an effective body that can reach any and all."

"Our goal is souls!!!"

God has given our Pastors an immense vision for this ministry.      The vision is entirely too vast to list in detail on this website, although elements of it are recorded on several of the ministry pages.  The vision includes our Church Worship and Outreach Ministries (which is an exceptionally sizeable  portion of this ministry), Prison Ministry, Street Ministry, Nursing Home Ministry, Motorcycle Ministry, Radio, TV and Printed Literature - 

Just to mention a few...